Members at seminar


We offer yearly memberships! Before applying for a membership, it is highly recommended to meet one of the following before joining the club.
Taken classes with the Galloping Dog Agility Club OR Taken formal agility classes with another organization and/or trainer OR Currently trialing your dog in agility
Benefits of Club Members
Access to all the club's private training spaces, access to agility equipment, admission to group training sessions and discounts on classes.
Club Library
Our library also includes training DVDs, books and magazines.
Members share their experience, strengths, and ideas to help everyone succeed with their team. 
Connection and Community
Be part of the decisions the club makes and make new dog friends!
Must be 17 years old or younger and cannot hold office or vote.
Must be 18 years or older and can hold office and vote.
Includes everyone in one household. Only the adults can hold office and vote.
Half Year Discount
Anyone wishing to join after July 1
Brand New to Agility?
If you want to get involved in the club, but don't have any of the experiences stated above, (blue square textbox) reach out to us and we can help you on your agility journey.